Prom Trends of 2018

Keeping up with Kotsovos

Hey Prom Goers,

Are you still looking for a prom dress? Here are some of the prom fashion trends of 2018.



Emerald – Emerald is such a beautiful jewel tone color that compliments many different skin tones.

green 2.jpg

Red –  There are many different shades of red to choose from. Whether you pick a fiery red or a deep burgundy, you are sure to make a statement.  


Gold – Be the spotlight at your prom in any shade of gold. You look ready to walk the red carpet. 


Prints – Bloom in florals and make heads turn!



Ballgown – Be the ‘Belle of the Prom’ this year in a ballgown.

ballgown 2.jpg

Interesting backs –  Make a dramatic exit when you leave the prom wearing a dress with a detailed back.

back 4.jpg

Off the shoulder – Be fearless in an elegant off the shoulder gown.

off the shoulder.jpg


Velvet – Be glamorous and elegant in a stunning velvet gown.


Sequins – Sparkle in sequins to leave them speechless.

sequins 2.jpg

Tulle/Ruffles – Luxurious layers of glamour is the key to fun and elegant.



“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” -Blair Waldorf 

You know you love us….


Kotsovos Girls 


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