Top 4 Reasons to Professionally Store Your Fur at Kotsovos.

Kotsovos’ Fur Storage extends the life of your coat by preventing humidity, light, and temperature changes from affecting the quality of your coat.

Kotsovos’ Fur Storage protects your coat from dust, dirt, and insect damage.

Our Fur Storage Vault provides additional insured security against theft.

Your fur is stored on site –in the optimum environment.

We can’t stop the aging process, but we can mitigate the potential damage with the proper cleaning and conditioning.  Before storing, we recommended having your coat cleaned to remove and dust, dirt, or spots that can draw moisture out of coat.  We clean, condition, and glaze your coat all on our premises – your fur never leaves our facility.

Storing your coat at home is not recommended. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause problems including drying, cracking, or shedding.  During the winter when you are wearing your coat it is essential that you treat it with the utmost care.  Do NOT store your coat under the following conditions:

  • In plastic.
  • On a rack with items smashed against it, as this damages the fur.
  • In a cedar closet or closet with mothballs – the fur will absorb the smell and it is impossible to remove.
  • On a thin hanger – this can cause the fur to become warped at the shoulders or crack.

During the winter months hang your fur on a wide, padded hanger, away from other items.  Store your coat in a room that maintains a fairly constant, cooler temperature and humidity.   Generally, basements are NOT preferable places because of excessive humidity.  At the end of the season, bring the fur to Kotsovos for cleaning, conditioning, and storage.  Be sure to note any damage or missing buttons or closures – we can repair them before storing them.

Here are some articles that further discuss the benefits of professional storage over self-storage for the life of your fur.   Please do not hesitate to call Kotsovos at 513.791.3877 with any questions.  We’re here to help you get years of enjoyment from your investment.

Kotsovos is offering a special when you store your coat before June 30th.

Fall 2016 Homecoming Trend Forecast

Let’s take a look at our favorite trends for the Fall 2016 homecoming season from two of this year’s hottest designers, Sherri Hill and Rachel Allan.

Two pieces are here to stay

Two pieces have been picking up momentum in the fashion world and they are back this year in full force. They are fun, flirty, and here to stay!


Floral In Full Bloom

Floral prints are a huge hit this year because of their versatility. Floral can bring the sweet and the sexy, but either way we are loving it!


Byzantine Buzz

These Byzantinian styles are truly one of a kind. Their intricate beadwork and interesting cuts speak for themselves, which makes for an effortlessly gorgeous look.


When in doubt keep it classic

Need I say more? Both designers feature timeless styles that you will look back and love in twenty years! They are simple, elegant, and easy to dress up with your own personal flare. Never underestimate the classics.

Want to shop these looks?

Come visit the Kotsovos family owned and operated store in Cincinnati, OH.

We will be carrying select dresses from both designers this homecoming season.

For more information call 513.791.3877

Why not to buy your dress online…

dress scam 2

We all love to get a good deal. Right? We all love to save money. But there are certain things you should not take the easy or in this case “cheaper” way out, such as buying your dress online. Whether it’s your wedding dress, prom dress or even a nice evening gown, there are merchants that scam people into buying their dress online and the picture on the merchant’s website looks nothing like what they received. Merchants will put pictures from actual designers on the website which leads the buyers to believe that the dress they see is what they’ll get. WRONG! These merchants use cheap supplies to make the dresses which is why they are selling them so cheap. If you think a “deal” is too good to be true, that’s probably because it is! So the next time you think about clicking that mouse to buy that dress just remember that you are not going to be getting the same designer dress you saw in that store window.

Bridal Hairstyles for Every Bride

Okay so you’ve found your dress. You have your location, the flowers, and the decorations and the ambiance is set for the day you’ve been planning for what seems like forever. Now what? As your special day looms closer and closer there are only a few things that are left to be decided. One of those being your hair. Obviously the style you choose to have on your big day is important, but there are a lot of factors to consider. Half up, all down, an updo, curly, straight, loose waves, braids, and about a million other options. Not only do you want to make sure your hair is picture perfect but you also want to make sure you still look like yourself with the hair style that you choose. Not to mention it also has to fit with the theme of your wedding. You wouldn’t do a glam 20’s updo if you are having a laid-back beach wedding, would you?! So here are some ideas for super amazing hairstyles that will look even better with the atmosphere you’ve envisioned your big day being set around.


Updos are perfect if don’t want to worry about your hair getting in the way all night. They are also really good for dresses that have really cool details that you don’t want to hide like an intricate back or delicate beading or lace.

  1. The Classic Updo


Sometimes it’s best to go simple and classic. Going back to the basics and adding your own touch can make a classic updo perfect for your big day. Letting a few face framing layers fall down can make for a romantic look while also giving it an effortless vibe. Add some jewels or flowers to go with the style of your wedding!

2. Glam Updo


This look is perfect for a vintage-styled wedding. Big loose curls with glam makeup can lead you straight back in time to another era.

3. The Messy Updo


Perfect for a backyard wedding. This is great for brides who are a little more laid-back but at the same time want to look feminine and classy on their wedding day. You could even add a touch of flowers to really get into the theme of your wedding.


Half-Up, Half-Down is the perfect style for keeping hair out of your face but still keeping it flirty and fun.

  1. Intricate Knot


Adding a cool and interesting knot to your half-up do is a sure way to change up this classic style. It’s a nice touch for brides who want to add a little extra detail to their look.

2. Pinned & Accessorized


This is perfect for brides who want to add some more glam to their look. You could pair this with a simple dress to add some sparkle or even to an already glammed-up dress.

All Down

All down styles are great for looking super feminine and girly. But don’t be afraid to use hairspray–lots and lots of hairspray–to ensure that is stays just the way you want it to throughout the night.

  1. Side-Swept Curls


Big, loose curls are best for elegant styles and chic venues. Curls are perfect with any dress style and always look glamorous and fun. Play around with the size of the curl, you might enjoy big voluptuous curls or favor a smaller tighter curl depending on the style of your dress.

2. Side Bling


Adding a simple jeweled piece to the side and pinning your hair back is super easy and it always looks good. It’s classy and elegant without being too flashy. Have some fun with various types of hair pieces until you find the one that not only compliments you but replicates the style of your dress.

Sleek and Straight

1. The Pony Tail

7099d50e7fc76cc72d2f094e97fc459d  4608b6708a5059e942d898a42367df6a.jpg

Whether its a high pony tail or a low pony tail, you could never go wrong with pulling it all back. It makes for a nice look especially when you want to show off particular parts of your body or dress. You could even add a fun hair piece to wrap around the base of the pony tail to give it a little detail.

2. Down and parted


For the more simple bride, a touch of a straight iron and some hair product can give you just a classic, clean hair style perfect for any look. You could never go wrong with keeping it simple.

3. Sleek and Pinned


Let your hair stylists get creative and using a bobby pin, pin certain pieces of your hair back to give you a classy but sophisticated hair style.
Who knew there could be so many hair styles to choose from!? Hopefully by doing your research and knowing exactly how you want to look on your wedding day, this helped a little in the decision making process.

Just remember that you want to shine on your wedding day and not be overpowered by the works of a hair stylist. Give some of these looks a try! We consider scheduling a practice wedding trial with your hair stylist to help the process go easier.



Bridal by Kotsovos.

Wedding Gift Series Part Four: Gifts for Each Other

Getting caught up in the whirlwind of details is easy to do when planning a wedding. After the proposal and the “YES! I will marry you!”, it is very common to forget why you are doing this in the first place. Oh yes, you remember~ because you so passionately love this person that you yearn to commit yourself to him or her for the rest of your life. Whoa. That is huge, yet somehow the question of whether to serve chicken or beef at the reception has been what has dominated both of your minds lately.

It’s easy to do. So, when all of the planning is coming to a close, and you feel like you’ve planned as well as you could and the rest is up to chance, take a deep breath and get back to what this wedding is truly all about~ you and your fiance.

As you come into focus, think about what you’d like to get your future spouse as a gift on your day together. Here are some ideas and some are them are free, but could be priceless to your love.


  1. A note.  A love letter. Your feelings on the morning of your wedding. Capture this moment with words. Frame it after the honeymoon and hang it in your new home together. May it remind you of the joy and excitement you felt on your wedding day. Words are a gift that last forever.



2. For the groom, cufflinks are a lovely gesture. Personalize it by adding your wedding date to them. Earring are a sentimental favorite for the bride. The jewelry for the wedding day has been chosen long ago, so get her something special for your honeymoon that she can wear and think of you always.



3. Fun gifts for the honeymoon are a fantastic way to say, “I’m so excited to go away with you and begin our marriage!” Bathing suits, sunglasses, maps or books of cities you will visit… After the last guest goes home from your reception, it is time to begin your journey together, so start off on the right foot!


4. Get your partner something that only you know he or she wants. Let him or her know you are listening. It can be a secret dream or desire. A passion. If your new husband has always had the dream of becoming a writer, get him an engraved fountain pen. If your new wife has always wanted to skydive, make that happen for her. Something special, just between the two of you, is something that will always be dearly remembered.

Wedding Gift Series Part Three: Gifts for the Children Who May Steal the Show


The ring bearer and the flower girl. The children who will do their very best to perform their ceremonial duties. The children who desperately want to make you happy. The children who have obvious limitations with self-control. The only two human beings who are permitted to receive more attention than you on your wedding day. Your special little ones whom you love and adore.

How do you show them your appreciation for being such a tender part of your wedding celebration?

  1. Speak their language. It’s time to let that inner child out to play. Reminisce about how you felt as a little boy or little girl. The ring bearer and flower girl capes shown below may just be the perfect gift for your little superheroes. If you want the kids to feel “too cool for school,” sunglasses may be a great gift to help them feel like an important member of your bridal party. Putting a basket together of their favorite toys is another option.

ring-bearer-flower-girl-wedding-daze-pinterest2. Give the gift of time. You have to remember, you are the bride and groom. To your flower girl and ring bearer, you are as good as Elsa or Anna and Superman. You are just that huge. And on the day of the wedding, when you are in full bridal costume, spending time with you is just as special as being chosen to participate in a Disney parade. That is what they will remember: the bride who looked like a princess who spent time with me, the groom who danced with me. These memories will be imprinted on their hearts forever, so don’t underestimate the gift of your time.326cab8c74d0688770480ffbf64d56aadownload (1)


3. Give them the gift of your grace. Let’s be honest. Good behavior from these young members of your bridal party is a gamble. They may be tired or hungry. They may be hot or nervous. The word “no” is said by them everyday in a defiant tone. (Just ask their parents.) If you are choosing to have young children as a part of your very adult wedding, some grace needs to be factored into the occasion. What does that mean? To be blunt, forgive them if they totally mess up. Forgive the temper tantrums and forgive the tears. Forgive the flower girl who makes it half-way down the aisle and then turns around to run to mama at the back of the church. Forgive the ring bearer who can’t sit still if his life depended on it. Know that they are sorry and give them a hug. Then continue with your wonderful day.


I hope this helps. Have a wonderful wedding!

Kind regards,

Shannon Roesgen

Bridal consultant, Kotsovos &

Parent of former flower girls who may or may not have only made it half-way down the aisle. 😉